Monthly Archives: November 2011

My new Haiku

Here are a few of my Haiku. Usually written about nature in 3 lines

with  two ideas or images juxtapostioned. I hope you like them. In addition to writing

comments on books, I will be adding new Haiku periodically so please

track this blog regularly.


Vijay Joshi


Last breadth

Why waste it

With a sigh!


Moon stayed late

Went for a walk

Ran into Sun!


Blue sky blue earth

Blue every where  

Invisible horizon?

——————————— ——-

Leaves in yellow pajamas

Fall gently down

On yellow bed below!


Shower of stars

Moon celebrating tonight

4th of July!


Mountain is taking

Hot golden shower

Poor spring flowers!



Earth is no more

am I dead or alive?


Rain keeps coming  

Drops become a brook

Leaves sail Downstream!