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Refection- vijay joshi

— Reflection—

I don’t know why,

lately my mirror seems unhappy,

Almost sulky.

Tried funny faces,

Tried persuasion,


tried all I can but

It was all in vain.

It seemed restless, ill at ease,

just kept returning a stern look.

Then suddenly it dawned on me,

a feng shui advisor that I had consulted not too long ago,

I has moved the mirror to a new location in the house.

I moved the mirror back to its original location near the window,

where it could see outside again.

Mirror was happy again.

It became my true reflection again!

Free Verses

— Hungry–

hot molten golden lava,

snacking on earth and rocks,

ran down the hill,

to take

a cold bath

in the




overdue, overfilled,

heavy black cloud,

having given birth

to rain water,


in the sky.


I am with friends,

I am still lonely.

I am in a crowd,

I am still lonely.

I am all alone,

now I am not lonely.



big and small

trying to escape from the ocean,

swimming furiously,

came crashing

to the shore,

only to be captured by the

sand and the rocks


pulled back in

by the ocean

yet again.


Ocean water,

flew high above in the sky,


water laden heavy,

thick black cloud,


it transformed itself

into pouring rain,


into the ocean,


ocean water



Having returned home

after a day’s hard work

on a hot humid day,

tired sun

was greeted

from a spacious pink horizon,


a shy blushing




life and its death,

visible and invisible,

born on the same day, at the same time.

life’s dark shadow-day and night

death is omnipresent,

always lurking, threatening,

Death is an enigma.

Is it ugly or handsome,

tall or short, slim or obese, happy or sad,

black, white or brown, young or old,

handsome or ugly, a man or a woman?

Ruthless cruel death

kills the body then steals the life.

Does death have a life?

will it be more humane now?

Free Verses.. by vijay joshi


— A child —

so innocent, so pure, so beautiful,

God must be child-like,

Otherwise he would be

too sinister,

too calculating,

too logical,

too cunning,

too human.

no, no, no.

God can be nothing else but

A child.


— Late —

he was never absent,

he was never late,

always on time, all the time,

Then one day,

not only late he was late,

but was also absent,

because that day,

he was busy,


his own



— Hungry–

hot molten golden lava,

snacking on earth and rocks,

ran down the hill,

to take

a cold bath

in the




overdue, overfilled,

heavy black cloud,

having given birth

to rain water,


in the sky.


Holi festival

It was a crisp clear blue sky,

not a cloud in the sky,

there is no mist,

there is no trace of a rain.

Then suddenly

there was this explosion of colors

all over the place, splashed in the air above,

forming a beautiful colorful rainbow.

This got to be a holi-day,

what else can it be?

yes, of course it is holi- time of the year.

Holi is near.

Holi is here.

Free Verses

A bear and

A Leaf-less tree.

Both motionless.


Till next spring!


My muse

gave me a new poem


I lost the words,

Looked everywhere

In vain.

so I wrote

A word-less poem.


Leaf-less half dead tree

Stood silently in the woods,

Along with other

Leaf-less hibernating trees,

Waiting eagerly

For the arrival of spring.

This winter




Sat precariously on a leaf

One early spring

Came crashing down with

The gusts of wind

Bouncing off like diamonds

From a broken necklace


On a wet rainy morning

A rusty nail,

Holding wind’s hand,

Was scribbling lines

On an

Old iron bench.


On the same wet rainy morning

After grandpa wiped the bench,

Grandson sat

scribbling lines with crayon

On the same

Old iron bench!


A blank piece of paper

A Muslim writes

It becomes Koran,

And claims it to be the only truth

A Christian writes

It becomes Bible

And claims it to be the only truth

A Hindu writes

It becomes Gita

And claims it to be the only truth

Stop this hypocrisy

Leave the piece of paper alone

Let it be just blank!


The Time

An enigma

When asked

To leave,

It just sits there,


When asked

Not to leave,

It flies away.


On a rainy day

Passing cars

Created clouds of mist

Lifting wetness

Off cement road!


— A Fling —

Dancing passionately

With the wind,

Having given

A final tender embrace,

The flame

became one with

The wind

By turning itself into a




— A Fling —

After frolicking with the wind

having given a final tender  embrace,

flame became one


the wind

by turning into